How And Why Is Beyond Diet Different??

The program creator Isabel Del Rios, herself tells you why…!

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Beyond diet reviews

Does beyond diet work? Is isabel del los rios’ program really worth it?

We shall find it out on this very page! But, first of all, I request you to watch the above video for a much better explanation to the whole beyond diet routine, flaws and problems.

Believe it or not, but we are exposed to 1000+ “weight loss miracle” products each day, trying hard to get access to our wallets with their miracle solutions.
For example, here YOU are, trying to find out some genuine Beyond Diet reviews, whether or not the program works and whether Isabel Del Rios herself is really ‘legit’.

Fear not, all your beyond diet questions will be answered on this page.
But before anything, I sincerely hope you watched the entire video above, didn’t you?
Alright then, let’s go…

“First of all, who am I?”
My name is Jonathan Morris, I am a 39 year old software engineer by day, and fitness and diet consultant by weekends and night! I live in Pennsylvania, and have a beautifully fit wife and a 5 year old kid
“Now, primarily, what is the beyond diet program about?”
Beyond diet is a time tested, effective diet program that has helped (literally) thousands of people across the globe by CHANGING the way you think/feel/prepare/eat your food!

It’s a completely safe program that advocates proven weight loss methodologies like encouraging gluten free foods, increasing water intake, teaching A LOT about your metabolism, etc.

The highlight of the program is the beyond diet membership site that boasts of over 100,000 global members who contribute (a LOT) of healthy recipes every day. In fact, this was one the main reasons I joined the program back in 2009.
“So, to the main point now, where ARE the beyond diet reviews?”
They are in my gmail inbox! No kidding, the fact is, if you search in google or any other search engine, you will only find “websites reviewing” the isabel del rios beyond diet program, and very few (if none) actual user reviews.
“Why can’t you find easily whether beyond diet really works, or/and actual user reviews?”
That’s because they are segregated all over the internet! For e.g. if you visit my VERY popular diet solution program page right here, you will find a lot of actual users thanking me for suggesting them the diet solution program.

(By the way, the diet solution program is a hugely popular diet program by Isabel herself, you can actually check it out here .)
“So how can i show you the beyond diet reviews if they are not ‘found’ in one place?”
Glad you asked, i don’t have actual text reviews here, but i HAVE A LOT of my users mailing me to thank me for recommending and suggesting them the beyond diet program.

Here are the screenshots of some actual email i received from beyond diet users:
“Is it worth getting for $47?”
Let me first ask you this:
> How much have you spent this year alone on junk foods so far?
> How much do you spend on your mobile bill every month?
> How much do you spend on (absolutely) frivolous shopping sprees every month?

> How many times did you search for beyond diet program reviews?

Now consider this…

Direct guidance from someone who was herself a big fatty (sorry isabel!)
Guidance from someone who has “been in the trenches”, tried all types of miracles products, learned from the basics and become a master!
Lifetime membership to the beyond diet program and membership site
60 day unquestionable risk free guarantee

Now if all of the above wasn’t worth hundreds of times than $47, I would eat my hat! Kidding aside, the program is absolutely and completely worth the measly price of $47, and when combined with my exercise routine and bonus packs, makes for a killer weight loss strategy!
“But wait a minute, there must be something “non-great” about beyond diet, right?”
Yes, unfortunately, as you might have seen in the video, there are some areas that beyond diet fails. For e.g. though the beyond diet isabel teaches some of the best yet safe, natural techniques to lose weight, it fails to provide us with a regular exercise regime.

Coming from a “fitness world”, I can assure you that simply cutting back on your food, or following diet advice alone will NOT make you lose weight. You absolutely must combine the right diet with some form of physical exercises, even if minimum, to achieve significant weight loss.

It usually goes like this, when you first start following the beyond diet program, in the initial 2-3 weeks, you will see dramatic results and quick weight loss (sometime even up to 8-10 lbs in a week!). But as the weeks go by, and you DO NOT supplement it with any form of exercises, the flab will stay put and you will hit a plateau region. To take off again and start losing flab, you must combine the beyond program with an exercise routine.

“GASP! Exercise! Gym!? Mind-numbing cardio!?”
Hahaha, no no, don’t get all tense. Isabel del rios diet is dependent more on diet. But wait, I DO NOT mean crazy cardio workouts or heavy weight training. In fact, with Isabel’s program, you do not have to engage in very heavy workouts and exactly for that, I have created a compatible workout that will help you reap maximum benefits of the beyond diet program. To get my exercise routine, all you have to do is mail me your order receipt that you will get upon purchasing the beyond diet membership.

Once you send me the receipt, I immediately send you the exercise routine as a bonus add-on, plus i will send you some amazing beyond diet recipes!
“But wait, is it really, i mean realllly effective, I am tired of all the weight loss solutions out there!!”
Ok let me do this, if you are reading so far, you have clearly not watched my video above. So I will paste the full video text here, so you can read for yourself how weight loss really works, why beyond diet works, and also some beyond diet reviews in there.

Beyond diet reviews , the transcript:
For successful weight loss , only 3 things are required:
1, the right knowledge of diet, i.e. what goes in your body.
2, the minimum, yet absolutely vital exercises you need to perform and…
3, taking action on the above 2 points!

There’s no human being in the world who cannot lose weight IF they follow the beyond diet reviews, get the program, apply it with minimum, yet essential exercises.

You wouldn’t believe how many people pay for UNCOUNTABLE diet magazine subscriptions, have tried tons of “magic powders” and so many more who have absolutely devastated their bodies with various “quick fat-loss diets”!

Alas, time and again, I repeatedly shout from my corner of the world:


– Please follow beyond diet reviews, even if ITS NOT 100% “right”.
– Please, pretty please, perform some basic crucial exercises, which I will soon tell you about, by the way. Exercises, that take less than 2 hours every week!

Most overweight fellers, hey, maybe even you, already have some idea about a beyond diet reviews, like cutting out too much saturated fats, reducing your sugar intake, blah blah blah…. I mean ya, everyone knows that!

But not many know this: (Read the beyond diet reviews first) Unless you combine the right diet with the right exercise, you will NOT, mark my words, NOT lose more than a few pounds.

You see everyone and his brother wants to lose weight these days, and everyone and his brother thinks that eating some powders and slipping on some belts will do that!


We have completely disregarded our bodies in the last couple of decades, our muscular usage is at its minimum, physical activity is laughable, laziness is at its peak and yet, we hope, wish and dream to have that toned, flat bellied body shown on that health magazine’s cover!!

C’mon, be honest, don’t you?!

But whenever you thought about losing weight, and getting that superb body, did you think about this even for a moment…

– NO balanced food intake.
– NO exercise.
– NO dedicated plan.
– LOTS of daily marketing dose of “cutting-edge, weight loss secrets”
– and eventually, lots of “magic weight loss” product purchases that promise to help…. even if all you do is sit in front of your pc everyday!

You really think you’d lose weight that way?!

Of course you won’t!

All you would keep doing is hop and skip from maybe that “Atkin’s diet” to that “Dash diet”, or some swanky new slimming belt, or maybe some secret “military certified” weight loss program!

And you probable have purchased some of that stuff right? Hoping for weight loss with some easy way, right?

Well, truth is sour people!

No amount of secrets or quick fixes are going to help you lose weight!
You came here looking for beyond diet reviews right?

Well, if you honestly wish to lose weight, then right this in stone:

For easy weight loss, yes, easy…

And this is exactly where Isabel’s program comes in picture. On the surface, yeah, it appears just like any other diet program, but the 2 reasons I usually recommend it over all the other “super diet programs” is simple.

One, Isabel sure has the most practical diet information, cutting out useless fluff and delivering diet plans that suits OUR body type.
Two, her program is unbelievably economical compared to 99% of other “diet plans”, most of which drain more dollars out of you than fat!!

But wait, is that all!?


Just find some beyond diet reviews, buy and program, dump it on your hard drive and VIOLA, you will start losing weight!

You need to combine what she teaches with some vital exercises that I teach you.

And that’s exactly what’s worked for over 600 of my website readers:

Combining Isabel’s beyond diet reviews and program with my surprisingly minimal exercise regime, ONLY suited for obese people.

But wait a minute! I know what you’re thinking…

NOO…!! I’m like 200 pounds and you expect me to “work out”??!!

I know I know, even I stood at 230 pounds in 2010, and trust me even I used to get terrified with all those scary workout names: “High intensity training” or “massive muscle workout” and the like.

I mean c’mon, you and me, we do those “heavy workouts” and we’re guaranteed to get a stroke!!

So fret not my dear friend, what I’ve done is I have actually created a simple, bare minimum exercise program, STRICTLY FOR US OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE.

The exercises I teach you and endorsed by so many beyond diet reviewers:
DO NOT require you to do heavy weight training!
DO NOT require you to do mind-numbing cardio exercises!
DO NOT require you to do any “extreme” workouts!
and most importantly…
… I DO NOT ask you to workout daily!

Instead, my simple exercise routine asks you to only:
– DO exercises that are so safe, that even a 500 pound gorilla could do!
– DO them at your home, no pricy gym membership required!
– DO them only thrice a week, for not more than 30 minutes a session, and…… most importantly…
… it’s ok to skip a day with my routine if you are following Isabel’s diet!

And the exercises I teach are so easy even my granny could have done it!

All kidding aside, I have created this entire exercise routine because it results in miraculous weight loss when combined with Isabel’s diet program.

So, in short, I ACTUALLY DO NOT advise you to get Isabel’s beyond diet program if that’s all you’re gonna do!

Because being on a “perfect” diet alone is not going to help you lose weight.

I will repeat that…

Being on a “perfect” diet alone is not going to help you lose weight. And you can trust many beyond diet reviews out there.

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST combine it with the simple exercise routine I teach.

So what I would advise is this:
1, Get Isabel’s program first, the link to her site is given below.
2, Forward me your order receipt on my email address also below this video.
3, I send you access to my simple exercise program!
4, Follow Isabel’s diet advice, combine it with my routine, and if you do not lose weight by the end of just 3 weeks, I am willing to eat my hat!
Ok then, usually NOW is the time, when a video ends, is usually the time people really sell you hard on a product, right?


Heck, one might even expect me screaming “get a discount on Isabel’s program” or “Special! Only for today!” or some other cheap tricks to get you to buy!

But no!

Me, I AM NOT going to do that because I have NO VESTED INTEREST.

I have a great job at a software company, and the only reason I have this site up is because I have myself lost so much weight in the last 2 years I felt I should share what worked for me with everyone who needs real, to the point weight loss advice, without all the “hype” and “secrets”!

Just like you, I was always bombarded with “weight loss solutions” everyday. It would seem that everyday there was some new “secret” that claimed to almost magical weight loss. To be quite honest, I must have invested hundreds in such products with of course, no real results!

Stuck at 230 pounds, I stumbled upon Isabel’s newsletter completely by chance, and after following her advice for a few weeks, and after reading some beyond diet reviews on the net, I got the program.

I was completely skeptical at first … I mean really??
… a 47$ program? Compared to those pricy diets and dvd’s, it sounded so cheap, and this Isabel person would help me lose weight??!


But what I did next was the turning point in my life.

I did not just blindly follow Isabel’s advice, I actually combined it with my exercise routine and in less than 8 weeks, I had dropped over 38 pounds!

By the end of the next 6 months, I had lost a total of 86 pounds!

I was feeling better, more energetic, I started to play tennis again, and most importantly, I loved Isabel’s tasty recipes which I couldn’t wait to share with the world!

So anyway, that’s my story in short.

As for you, I do not and will not force you to buy Isabel’s program because I AM NOT a salesman.

What I can do is give you the facts, which are:
1, Isabel’s knowledge is TREMENDOUS! You will, very rarely, find another person with so much knowledge on foods, diets, and weight loss.
2, You WILL have to combine her program with a simple exercise routine. I will of course, provide you with exactly that, IF you do get her program.
3, There is no magic weight loss pill. Period.

So that’s the truth. Nothing more, nothing less.

And before we finish this presentation, let me just say that if you are sincerely tired of “trying” diet and “new” weight loss programs and guides, if you honestly came here looking for beyond diet reviews, and if you really, I mean REALLY wish to lose weight without hype:
– Get Isabel’s beyond diet program from the link below.
– Forward your purchase receipt.
– Get my simple exercise routine.
– And then, start following my regime with the beyond diet.
You will see that change you’ve been dreaming about in yourself, in less than a month!

That’s it, the decision is yours.

You can sure take action like so many of my website readers… or… you can do what 99% people out there do….

… What’s that??

…. Oh yes… Wait for a “magic pill”!!

Or instead, you can get the beyond diet program, pass me the receipt, get my exercise routine, and start losing weight!!

Useful links: Weight loss coaching

Do you wish to directly go to Isabel’s offical site?
Use this link to get my bonus pack (mentioned below) with it:

beyond diet conversation 1 beyond diet has anyone used it

is beyond diet a scam beyond diet tips

beyond diet tricks
Go to Isabel’s official site
(Use this link to get my bonus pack, mentioned below, with it:)

beyond diet bonus beyond diet free bonus

Then mail me your order receipt

beyond diet reviews
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Comments (32)

  1. How will i get your bonus workout plan? Do i need to email you or what? Or will i get it with Isabel’s program??

    • Hi Rachael,
      Yes you will have to mail your order receipt to me to get the bonus workout.
      Did you get the program already since I can see someone by your name in the community?


  2. How long before you can start seeing some real progress? I am tired of trying so many diet programs, but making this jump because so many people seem to be using this on their site, so how long uthink before i could see some real flab loss?

    • Hi Nancy,
      To be 100% honest: it depends on how honestly you follow the regime!

      Seriously, since you are giving it a try, follow it with full dedication for 5-6 weeks, and
      then I am confident you will see a lot of difference. More importantly, you will feel MUCH
      more energetic than before!


  3. I was quite well built couple of years ago, and was in amazing shape till marriage and 2 kids hit my life! So in a way, just like you, so tell me, will the beyond diet help me once get back in shape?

    • Hi Daniel,
      So i guess a lot of guys hit this problem! :D
      But yeah i am sure isabel’s program will surely help you. And since you were already in a good shape, i think you should see results far more quickly!

      And do mail me if you do get it, to get your bonuses! :)

    • Hi Ginny,
      Yes of course this will work in Australia! And yes, you will 100% get all the foods advised over there. In fact, I have had many Australian visitors to my website mailing me for this very question!

      So go ahead and get the program, you will surely get all the foods mentioned inside…


  4. Haha awesome write up my friend. absolutely loved the conversation. Can i still get ur bonuses if i have already got the program about a month ago?

    • Thanks Greg,
      Yep, I’ll still send you the bonuses. Just mail me the order receipt you got from isabel.

      Btw, how are you doing on the program so far? Could help my readers if you could chime in…


  5. I need to get more of the supplements and don’t know how. I do not have great computer skills. I have paid for Isabel’s Program and have 2 books.

  6. Hi Jonathan,
    Really enjoyed your presentation and the hounesty. I was just wondering if the foodstuff in Isabel’s program will be on shelves in Sout Africa? As well would the bonuses accessable here?

    • Thanks Trudy!
      Yes, most of the food stuff (at least the essential ones) will be available in South Africa.
      If you’re in a modern developed town/city, then you will easily get most if not all the foods mentioned by Isabel.

      And yes again, the bonus programs will also definitely work over there…

      Mail me once you get it…

  7. Hi Jonathon, I bought Isabel’s programme a few years ago but only lost a few pounds as you said, but no longer have the receipt as I changed my computer. I am ready to start again if I can get the exercises to go with it. Is it possible? Thankyou, an awesome review and enough to make me want to try again!

    • You can contact them with your email address, they’ll surely have it in their database…
      and also you probably might have the receipt in your email archives too… do check there.

  8. ok, I too have Mr. Skeptic in my brain. He was screaming at me, until i came across your site. I think he felt relieved that he could hang out with another of his own………..!! ok back to topic…
    I’ve been encouraged by what you wrote, and am interested in pursuing Beyond diet, plus your added bonus.

    The bottom line to this message is to thank you, for shutting my Mr. Skeptic up, so that I may forward and purchase! :)

    • Yes Martha! We have to shut up Mr. Skeptic from time to time! Especially when it’s for our own good. Tell me when you get on board…

  9. Excellent convo. You are hilarious! I bought her program a year ago. Just emailed you the receipt. :) I agree she is very knowledgeable!

    • Hey Barbara,
      Thanks! It’s fun to be fun!
      Instead of writing a “chunk of text”, I thought this style of writing would be interesting and fun for everyone. :)

  10. I need to know if the program will work for me, I am 58 years old and very out of shape. To the point of no hope. I have tried everything, loss weight and it comes back plus. Help!

    • Hi Virginia,
      First of all I appreciate your enthusiasm at this age to get back in shape! Kudos on that!

      And I have to say YES, if you follow the program AND keep to it, you will most definitely see progress as the core of the program
      is based on modifying your lifestyle and diet, rather then making you a slave of pills and quick fixes.

      Give it a go!

  11. no sir I did not I have it showing as click bank on my pay pal account history is all there was no receipt email from beyond diet

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